Long-term geotechnical and geophysical services

The Vysus Survey & GeoEngineering team offers a range of specialist services in marine geoscience, offshore survey and positioning, facilities installation support, operations and maintenance, and data and knowledge management systems.

Vysus has provided an extensive range of geotechnical and geophysical site investigation and geophysical consultancy and project management services to Inch Cape since the preliminary site assessments in 2010. Over the past 15 years Vysus has designed and managed multiple offshore data acquisition operations and developed a comprehensive 3D ground model of the surface and sub-surface environment and soils characteristics. Additionally, its industry-leading IRIS web application has been deployed to support the real-time management of the offshore surveys and site investigations, providing the closest visibility of progress and status as well as efficient access to the data acquired.

In 2023, Vysus was awarded a contract for survey support and associated data services prior to construction, which included a comprehensive data consolidation and gap analysis exercise. Incorporated within IRIS, this continues to inform tendering processes and the content of procurement documentation for data acquisition and installation works. In other activity, Vysus undertook a seabed mobility assessment, optimised array cable geotechnical laboratory testing, managed the refresh of unexploded ordnance threat assessments and provided numerous ground model updates and refinements.


Having supported the project since 2010, the 2023 contract for survey and data services reinforced Vysus’ position as the primary holder of knowledge related to the geophysical and geotechnical properties and characteristics of Inch Cape’s offshore site area, critical to both engineering design and installation operations. Incorporating the extensive data and information, and the experience gained, within a ground model and the IRIS web application will ensure the maximum value from the expensively acquired data and information.

Using IRIS to analyse, visualise and share such data and information with development engineers, tenderers, and installation contractors, means fit-for-purpose and cost-effective solutions are designed, engineered and delivered for the project.

Michael Cousins, Vysus VP Survey & GeoEngineering, said:

 “We are very pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with Inch Cape via the latest scope of services awarded to us. It is important for us to be associated with such a flagship Scottish development, requiring high quality technical input for our geoscience engineers, harnessing the expertise and experience they have gained on this and other offshore wind farm projects.

“Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm Ltd has rightly identified the value of effective data management and how data should be deployed and utilised. Our IRIS system has once again demonstrated that it leads the field in delivering this important function, tightly interwoven with offshore surveys and construction activities.”

April 2024

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