Designing Inch Cape’s jacket foundations

Ramboll is a global engineering and advisory consultancy with more than 30 years of experience and a team of more than 700 specialist wind experts located in the UK and worldwide. In recent years, Ramboll’s primarily UK team has provided multifaceted support to Inch Cape. This collaboration commenced with preliminary feasibility and conceptual studies and is set to extend with the provision of front end engineering design (FEED) as well as the detailed design of the project’s wind turbine jacket foundations and pin piles, and follow-on engineering services.


Inch Cape has presented a unique opportunity for Ramboll to bring forward key recent advances in foundation design. The company is developing designs with the lowest possible weights without compromising fabrication and installation or operation and safety. Ramboll utilises cutting-edge design techniques, which are consistently refined through experience with numerous comprehensive design projects and have been endorsed by global certification bodies. Ramboll actively collaborates with leading fabricators, suppliers, and transport and installation (T&I) contractors, integrating insights from thorough project monitoring. Ramboll will capitalise on regional networks to effectively connect with the local industry and supply chain.

To deliver Inch Cape’s substructure designs, Ramboll will employ advances in foundation design for deep water sites and its extensive knowledge of complex geological features obtained from its vast catalogue of nearby wind farm projects. Consisting primarily of UK based staff, the design team will have the opportunity to cooperate with discipline experts from across Ramboll to ensure the most state-of-the-art solutions.

Peter Loizides, Project Manager at Ramboll:

 “We are proud that Ramboll has been chosen to support Inch Cape with FEED and detailed design of the turbine jacket foundations and pin piles. Our early involvement in the project has given us a profound understanding of the project’s intricacies, and we are thrilled to extend our support. We are committed to a dynamic collaboration with all project stakeholders, ensuring a harmonious and productive partnership.”

April 2024

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