Using innovative planning software to optimise Inch Cape

ForeCoast®  Marine is a strategic and operational planning software system used by project designers, developers, owners and operators to design, optimise and manage complex offshore wind projects. It was developed in-house in the UK by JBA Consulting (JBA) – a family of environmental, engineering and risk management companies and one of the world’s leading consultancies in this field.

ForeCoast®  Marine has been utilised by Inch Cape to inform the project’s offshore installation phases and help shape the design of the project.  The software system has simulated the project’s key offshore asset-component installation phases including: foundations, inter-array cables, offshore substation platforms, export cables and wind turbine generators.


Through these simulations, the performance of proposed strategies will be compared quickly and reliably against key metrics such as capital expenditure, operational expenditure, programme and weather, technical or logistical downtime.  This will help to de-risk the project, maximise its performance and ultimately increase profitability. The innovative simulation software allows multiple strategies to be compared efficiently and robustly, shaping the project in many ways, potentially saving time and money.

The Inch Cape work has given the company valuable modelling experience for all stages of construction of an offshore wind farm (foundations, turbines, inter-array cables and export cables). It has also helped streamline elements of the work including the key model input template.

Laurie Wilkinson, Senior Met Ocean Analyst said:

“It has been interesting and enjoyable to work closely with the Inch Cape installation team. They are engaging and personable, yet they challenge us constantly and are diligent in their work. We have learned a lot about what is important to making their project a success in the process.”

January 2024


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