The aim of this questionnaire is to allow individuals to contribute to the development process and interact with Inch Cape Offshore Wind.  We would appreciate you taking a moment to complete the questionnaire so we can understand your views regarding our application to Marine Scotland for Additional Landfall works at the Onshore Transmission Works for Inch Cape Offshore Windfarm.  This is not a substitute for the official planning process.  No personal information will be passed on to third parties.

Feedback Form - Cofferdam
What is your view on the use of renewable energy to help meet our energy requirements? (onshore and offshore wind power, solar power, biomass, wave and tidal power, amongst others)
What is your view of the use of offshore wind energy in particular to help meet our energy requirements and the climate change emergency?
How do you feel about the Inch Cape Offshore Wind project?
How close do you live to the proposed Onshore Transmission Works (former Cockenzie Power Station)?
Having viewed all of the information, how do you feel about the application for temporary cofferdam works?
How did you hear about this consultation event?
If you would like us to respond to any of the comments you have made or questions you have asked in this questionnaire, please indicate here, and we will get back to you: