Lloyds Register

Certification to ensure compliance

Lloyds Register (LR) provides an impartial and expert eye during  certification services to ensure compliance with the applicable requirements and to provide the required assurance and risk mitigation for a successful project.

LR’s specialist engineers review documentation against codes and standards and provide a detailed explanation of the findings.  Reviews are undertaken in conformity with IEC/EN 61400-22 requirements.

The LR review aims to provide confidence that the wind turbine support structures and substation platform conform with the applicable governing international codes and standards, and industry best practice, and also to provide assurance that project risks have been mitigated through certification process. At the successful completion of the certification process, LR issues an Evaluation Report and Conformity Statement for each IEC/EN 61400-22 module completed.


LR is using its specialist team, primarily based in Aberdeen, Scotland, to support the Inch Cape project. The organisation continues to provide offshore wind farm project certification projects across the world with many different clients, and each project undertaken builds on its expertise and knowledge, to the benefit of the wider offshore wind sector.

Neil Morgan, LR Engineering Manager said:

 “LR is extremely proud to be working alongside Inch Cape on this flagship North Sea development. LR has been working with Inch Cape since 2018, adding value to the project through our certification services and we look forward to continuing our support to the project’s successful conclusion.

April 2024

Vysus UK Limited

Long-term geotechnical and geophysical services

The Vysus Survey & GeoEngineering team offers a range of specialist services in marine geoscience, offshore survey and positioning, facilities installation support, operations and maintenance, and data and knowledge management systems.

Vysus has provided an extensive range of geotechnical and geophysical site investigation and geophysical consultancy and project management services to Inch Cape since the preliminary site assessments in 2010. Over the past 15 years Vysus has designed and managed multiple offshore data acquisition operations and developed a comprehensive 3D ground model of the surface and sub-surface environment and soils characteristics. Additionally, its industry-leading IRIS web application has been deployed to support the real-time management of the offshore surveys and site investigations, providing the closest visibility of progress and status as well as efficient access to the data acquired.

In 2023, Vysus was awarded a contract for survey support and associated data services prior to construction, which included a comprehensive data consolidation and gap analysis exercise. Incorporated within IRIS, this continues to inform tendering processes and the content of procurement documentation for data acquisition and installation works. In other activity, Vysus undertook a seabed mobility assessment, optimised array cable geotechnical laboratory testing, managed the refresh of unexploded ordnance threat assessments and provided numerous ground model updates and refinements.


Having supported the project since 2010, the 2023 contract for survey and data services reinforced Vysus’ position as the primary holder of knowledge related to the geophysical and geotechnical properties and characteristics of Inch Cape’s offshore site area, critical to both engineering design and installation operations. Incorporating the extensive data and information, and the experience gained, within a ground model and the IRIS web application will ensure the maximum value from the expensively acquired data and information.

Using IRIS to analyse, visualise and share such data and information with development engineers, tenderers, and installation contractors, means fit-for-purpose and cost-effective solutions are designed, engineered and delivered for the project.

Michael Cousins, Vysus VP Survey & GeoEngineering, said:

 “We are very pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with Inch Cape via the latest scope of services awarded to us. It is important for us to be associated with such a flagship Scottish development, requiring high quality technical input for our geoscience engineers, harnessing the expertise and experience they have gained on this and other offshore wind farm projects.

“Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm Ltd has rightly identified the value of effective data management and how data should be deployed and utilised. Our IRIS system has once again demonstrated that it leads the field in delivering this important function, tightly interwoven with offshore surveys and construction activities.”

April 2024

Ramboll UK

Designing Inch Cape’s jacket foundations

Ramboll is a global engineering and advisory consultancy with more than 30 years of experience and a team of more than 700 specialist wind experts located in the UK and worldwide. In recent years, Ramboll’s primarily UK team has provided multifaceted support to Inch Cape. This collaboration commenced with preliminary feasibility and conceptual studies and is set to extend with the provision of front end engineering design (FEED) as well as the detailed design of the project’s wind turbine jacket foundations and pin piles, and follow-on engineering services.


Inch Cape has presented a unique opportunity for Ramboll to bring forward key recent advances in foundation design. The company is developing designs with the lowest possible weights without compromising fabrication and installation or operation and safety. Ramboll utilises cutting-edge design techniques, which are consistently refined through experience with numerous comprehensive design projects and have been endorsed by global certification bodies. Ramboll actively collaborates with leading fabricators, suppliers, and transport and installation (T&I) contractors, integrating insights from thorough project monitoring. Ramboll will capitalise on regional networks to effectively connect with the local industry and supply chain.

To deliver Inch Cape’s substructure designs, Ramboll will employ advances in foundation design for deep water sites and its extensive knowledge of complex geological features obtained from its vast catalogue of nearby wind farm projects. Consisting primarily of UK based staff, the design team will have the opportunity to cooperate with discipline experts from across Ramboll to ensure the most state-of-the-art solutions.

Peter Loizides, Project Manager at Ramboll:

 “We are proud that Ramboll has been chosen to support Inch Cape with FEED and detailed design of the turbine jacket foundations and pin piles. Our early involvement in the project has given us a profound understanding of the project’s intricacies, and we are thrilled to extend our support. We are committed to a dynamic collaboration with all project stakeholders, ensuring a harmonious and productive partnership.”

April 2024

Pinsent Masons

Long-term legal support for negotations and contracting

Legal firm Pinsent Masons continues to advise Inch Cape on the drafting and negotiation of a number of the project’s major supply chain contracts that will be put in place to enable the construction of the offshore wind farm. The firm’s Scottish team primarily leads on this work.


Pinsent Masons has worked on Inch Cape for a number of years developing a solid knowledge about the project and its requirements.  In that time, many of the firm’s Scotland-based lawyers have played leading roles in both shaping contracting strategy as well as drafting and negotiating various construction and operations & maintenance (O&M) contracts with a UK-wide and international supply chain. The firm has also provided secondees to embed within the team and provide concentrated support. The firm’s long-standing involvement on the project has played a central role in supporting the professional development of Pinset Masons market leading renewable energy team.

Iain Macphail, Partner at Pinsent Mansons said:

 “We have been delighted to work so closely with the Inch Cape team to support the development of this hugely significant offshore wind farm in Scottish waters.  It is immensely satisfying for us to support a project which will contribute in such a material way to the country’s net zero ambitions.”

March 2024

Eden Scott

Scottish-based long-term personnel and resourcing support

Eden Scott has supported the Inch Cape project for almost eight years, with the provision of personnel and resourcing support, on either a Permanent, Contract and Consultancy basis.


Since 2016, Eden Scott has supported Inch Cape with more than 100 appointments across the project, a mix of contractors and staff members across a range of disciplines including project support, development, engineering, HR and finance, up to and including Project Director level. The project itself has created a number of exciting opportunities for people across Scotland and indeed the rest of the UK and Ireland.

As evidenced by the long on-going engagement, Eden Scott has fostered an excellent relationship with Inch Cape and this in turn has resulted in further opportunities for us to work with the project’s two joint venture partners. In addition to the direct jobs which we have supported Inch Cape with delivering, the partnership has led to job creation within Eden Scott, with an additional staff member joining the team to support the project.

Stuart Mitchell, Business Manager with Eden Scott said:

 “Eden Scott is proud to partner with Inch Cape and enjoy a strong, collaborative working relationship with the project team and Joint Venture Partners. We are very much looking forward to supporting the project through construction and into the operations and maintenance phase. ”

February 2024

K2 Management

Lenders’ technical advisor and technical due diligence

K2 Management (K2M) has been engaged by the project as the lenders’ technical advisor for the wind farm. In this role K2M is using its experience in offshore wind to provide guidance to the Inch Cape team and prospective lending parties during project financing, with a view to continuing support to lenders for the duration of the agreed debt term through construction and operations monitoring. K2M is also providing technical due diligence on all aspects of the project design, delivery, operations and costs. K2M will further provide an independent financial-grade energy yield assessment for the project.


This role for Inch Cape strengthens K2M’s existing nearly 20 years’ experience in providing lender’s advisory service to offshore wind projects. The changes seen in the sector during recent years including global market conditions, supplier availability and technological developments requires consideration and review of innovative aspects to support prospective lenders’ understanding and risk evaluation of new challenges. With ever more sizeable projects in more extreme environments, both long-standing and emergent offshore wind developers and investors need – more than ever before – total clarity on the financial and development challenges that projects of this scale entail.

Inch Cape facilitated the due diligence process to date by providing clear documentation on strategy and business model decisions, and frequent, open communication between K2M and the relevant package managers to respond to technical queries and concerns. This enabled K2M to access the required detail and documentation on the project design to review all technical aspects of the wind farm. As an ongoing process, K2M looks forward to reviewing additional detail on the project as development continues, and add to its knowledge of global supply chain, project design and project execution.

Will Sheard, Director, Due Diligence & Analysis Services said:

 “Financing of offshore wind farms is a complex process which requires the cooperation and aligned objectives of many stakeholders, not least, the project team. K2 Management brings many years of experience as a lender’s technical adviser having secured financial close on many large and complex offshore wind projects around the world. But we can’t do it alone.

The positive interaction we have had with the Inch Cape team has allowed us to continue to progress the financing process while the project has had to adapt to the changing market and technical requirements of recent years. We are very pleased to be involved in this innovative project and look forward to continued cooperation and success. ”

February 2024

Barrington Energy

Decommissioning work leads to framework

UK-based renewable energy consultancy Barrington Energy offers comprehensive technical, commercial, safety, and scheduling support across each facet of an offshore wind project including foundations, cables, turbines substations, construction, and operations. For Inch Cape, the team secured a decommissioning scope and a marine study for crew transfer vessels (CTVs). For each scope Barrington Energy was able to draw from its experienced team and provide specialist resources on an ad-hoc yet tailored basis. Barrington Energy has since been awarded a three-year Owners Engineer Services framework agreement.


Leveraging the team’s specialist knowledge, Barrington Energy carried out a strategic decommissioning scope for Inch Cape, incorporating key stakeholder meetings, cost alignment and financial security planning, to meet a crucial project milestone. The consultancy also conducted a marine study for CTVs, which covered a diverse set of requirements. Building on the success of these early works Barrington Energy was awarded a three-year Owners Engineer framework agreement. This appointment solidified a long-term partnership and demonstrated how, through provision of expert services and quality results, further opportunities arise, relationships develop and businesses within the sector evolve. Through its series of specialised work scopes, project management skills and ability to tailor deliverables to the client’s needs. Barrington Energy has contributed to Inch Cape’s continued progress and expanded its own offering.

Stuart Brand, Director of Barrington Energy said:

 “The award of a three-year contract by Inch Cape through a competitive tender process was validation of our previous work on the project and confirmation of the value placed on long-term partnerships. Our team is passionate about contributing positively to the renewables sector and its clear those at Inch Cape share the same values.”

February 2024

Xodus Group

Developing the Inch Cape Supply Chain Plan

Xodus Group (Xodus) supported Inch Cape in the development and drafting of its successful supply chain plan (SCP) for the fourth Contracts for Difference Allocation Round (AR4). Xodus worked to identify key impacts of the project’s existing supply chain, and community and skills engagement within the required framework, showcasing its benefits and priority actions realised. Xodus also provided guidance and support on the calculation of UK content, coordinating with the project’s key package managers.


The Xodus team was able to leverage the experience it had with Inch Cape’s AR4 SCP, for work on supply chain development statements (SCDS) for the ScotWind leasing round process, transferring its expertise into a different framework and narrative context. Xodus has since supported several offshore wind projects leveraging further experience and the team’s track record and shifting its offering to strategic and due diligence scopes.

Inch Cape provided important learning opportunities around challenges, potential barriers and suitable mitigation actions in the development of supply chain plan narratives. This, combined with the close and frequent communication with the Inch Cape team, also provided a supportive and fruitful environment for hands-on training of renewables consultants. Xodus appreciated the collaborative and coordinated approach with Inch Cape, enabling effective project delivery to a successful outcome.

Comment from the Commercial Project Manager in-post at the time: “Preparation of the Inch Cape Supply Chain Plan required very rapid assimilation of a huge amount of project information, followed by analysis and compilation of a comprehensive and persuasive plan against demanding timescales. Xodus achieved this and produced a high-quality plan which enabled a commitment to realistic targets and led to obtaining approval from government.”

Quote from the Xodus Project Sponsor:

 “Whilst the “fast track” requirements of this project were complex and multifaceted; Inch Cape was a pleasure to deal with and provided Xodus with timely provision of support and information for the duration of the scope. The successful completion of this scope, and the excellent relationship built, led to a further 18 months of project management and engineering support”.

January 2024


Designing Inch Cape’s turbine foundations and substructures

SLPE is delivering the design of the wind farm’s wind turbine generator foundations and substructures. Since 2020, SLPE has been driving the development of concept studies, front-end engineering, and detailed design to inform significant project decisions such as the selection of substructure concept and associated design parameters. Currently in the detailed engineering phase, the SLPE team is working in close collaboration with the project supply chain to mitigate technical risks and complete the turbine substructure design package in readiness for the construction phase.


The SLPE design team comprises multi-discipline engineers, technicians, and project staff based in the UK. The Inch Cape contract award has enabled SLPE to grow its team size steadily over the past three years, recruiting and developing exceptional talent with experience in the design of offshore structures for UK waters and beyond. Not only has this supported the transition of a skilled workforce into the offshore wind sector, it has also encouraged technical innovation to overcome new challenges arising from the complex nature of the site conditions as well as ambitious aspirations for the wind farm.

Inch Cape and other similar wind farm projects have catalysed SLPE’s investment in industry research and development, including collaboration with British universities. An example of this is the company’s partnership with the University of Nottingham to develop an enhanced diagnostic monitoring system which will support the future life extension of wind farm installations. SLPE also actively invests in the development of proprietary technology that seeks to push technical boundaries in substructure and foundation design, adding value to projects such as Inch Cape.

Melvin Lau, Business Development Manager of SLPE said:

“Inch Cape is one of SLPE’s most important contracts. It has enabled us to invest in a highly skilled design team at the forefront of the offshore renewables industry. This has in turn benefitted Inch Cape with cutting-edge expertise and technology that seeks to maximise technical and commercial opportunities for the project.

“We are proud to be working alongside the Inch Cape team in a collaborative spirit to deliver this significant project for Scotland and the UK.”

SLPE’s team is developing Inch Cape’s turbine foundation and substructure design

January 2024

ForeCoast Marine (JBA Consulting)

Using innovative planning software to optimise Inch Cape

ForeCoast®  Marine is a strategic and operational planning software system used by project designers, developers, owners and operators to design, optimise and manage complex offshore wind projects. It was developed in-house in the UK by JBA Consulting (JBA) – a family of environmental, engineering and risk management companies and one of the world’s leading consultancies in this field.

ForeCoast®  Marine has been utilised by Inch Cape to inform the project’s offshore installation phases and help shape the design of the project.  The software system has simulated the project’s key offshore asset-component installation phases including: foundations, inter-array cables, offshore substation platforms, export cables and wind turbine generators.


Through these simulations, the performance of proposed strategies will be compared quickly and reliably against key metrics such as capital expenditure, operational expenditure, programme and weather, technical or logistical downtime.  This will help to de-risk the project, maximise its performance and ultimately increase profitability. The innovative simulation software allows multiple strategies to be compared efficiently and robustly, shaping the project in many ways, potentially saving time and money.

The Inch Cape work has given the company valuable modelling experience for all stages of construction of an offshore wind farm (foundations, turbines, inter-array cables and export cables). It has also helped streamline elements of the work including the key model input template.

Laurie Wilkinson, Senior Met Ocean Analyst said:

“It has been interesting and enjoyable to work closely with the Inch Cape installation team. They are engaging and personable, yet they challenge us constantly and are diligent in their work. We have learned a lot about what is important to making their project a success in the process.”

January 2024