Decommissioning work leads to framework

UK-based renewable energy consultancy Barrington Energy offers comprehensive technical, commercial, safety, and scheduling support across each facet of an offshore wind project including foundations, cables, turbines substations, construction, and operations. For Inch Cape, the team secured a decommissioning scope and a marine study for crew transfer vessels (CTVs). For each scope Barrington Energy was able to draw from its experienced team and provide specialist resources on an ad-hoc yet tailored basis. Barrington Energy has since been awarded a three-year Owners Engineer Services framework agreement.


Leveraging the team’s specialist knowledge, Barrington Energy carried out a strategic decommissioning scope for Inch Cape, incorporating key stakeholder meetings, cost alignment and financial security planning, to meet a crucial project milestone. The consultancy also conducted a marine study for CTVs, which covered a diverse set of requirements. Building on the success of these early works Barrington Energy was awarded a three-year Owners Engineer framework agreement. This appointment solidified a long-term partnership and demonstrated how, through provision of expert services and quality results, further opportunities arise, relationships develop and businesses within the sector evolve. Through its series of specialised work scopes, project management skills and ability to tailor deliverables to the client’s needs. Barrington Energy has contributed to Inch Cape’s continued progress and expanded its own offering.

Stuart Brand, Director of Barrington Energy said:

 “The award of a three-year contract by Inch Cape through a competitive tender process was validation of our previous work on the project and confirmation of the value placed on long-term partnerships. Our team is passionate about contributing positively to the renewables sector and its clear those at Inch Cape share the same values.”

February 2024

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