Montrose Port, selected location of Inch Cape's operations and maintenance base


Inch Cape’s offshore site is located in the North Sea, 15 kilometres off the Angus coast and covering a total of 150 square kilometres, roughly the size of the island of Hoy in Orkney. It is planned to feature up to 72 wind turbine generators, each standing up to 274 metres tall. The turbines will be installed on foundations in water depths ranging from 34 metres to 64 metres. 

There will be one 66 kilovolt (kV)/220kV substation on a jacket foundation at the heart of the wind farm. Electricity from there will be transmitted 85 kilometres via two 220kV subsea export cables to landfall in Cockenzie, East Lothian. 

The project is set to be operated and maintained out of the Port of Montrose, in Angus.

Inch Cape is located 15km off the Angus Coast in the East of Scotland