Statutory consultation on cofferdam works now underway

Inch Cape has applied to the Scottish Minsters of the Scottish Government to construct and subsequently remove a cofferdam that will enable additional landfall works as part of the installation of the offshore wind farm’s export cables at its Cockenzie site.

The cofferdam would be a temporary small scale enclosure constructed within the project’s existing cable corridor. It would be pumped dry to enable cable construction work to take place below the tide line. The documents related to the application can be found on the Marine Directorate website.

Individuals or organisations wishing to have a say on the safety of navigation or any environmental issues relating to the application now have 28 days to send their comments to the Scottish Marine Directorate via email. Representations sent in should quote both the reference number: 00010690 and applicant name: Inch Cape Offshore Limited.

A notice under Part 4 of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 will be published in the East Lothian Courier today (Thursday 29 February).


Eden Scott

Scottish-based long-term personnel and resourcing support

Eden Scott has supported the Inch Cape project for almost eight years, with the provision of personnel and resourcing support, on either a Permanent, Contract and Consultancy basis.


Since 2016, Eden Scott has supported Inch Cape with more than 100 appointments across the project, a mix of contractors and staff members across a range of disciplines including project support, development, engineering, HR and finance, up to and including Project Director level. The project itself has created a number of exciting opportunities for people across Scotland and indeed the rest of the UK and Ireland.

As evidenced by the long on-going engagement, Eden Scott has fostered an excellent relationship with Inch Cape and this in turn has resulted in further opportunities for us to work with the project’s two joint venture partners. In addition to the direct jobs which we have supported Inch Cape with delivering, the partnership has led to job creation within Eden Scott, with an additional staff member joining the team to support the project.

Stuart Mitchell, Business Manager with Eden Scott said:

 “Eden Scott is proud to partner with Inch Cape and enjoy a strong, collaborative working relationship with the project team and Joint Venture Partners. We are very much looking forward to supporting the project through construction and into the operations and maintenance phase. ”

February 2024

K2 Management

Lenders’ technical advisor and technical due diligence

K2 Management (K2M) has been engaged by the project as the lenders’ technical advisor for the wind farm. In this role K2M is using its experience in offshore wind to provide guidance to the Inch Cape team and prospective lending parties during project financing, with a view to continuing support to lenders for the duration of the agreed debt term through construction and operations monitoring. K2M is also providing technical due diligence on all aspects of the project design, delivery, operations and costs. K2M will further provide an independent financial-grade energy yield assessment for the project.


This role for Inch Cape strengthens K2M’s existing nearly 20 years’ experience in providing lender’s advisory service to offshore wind projects. The changes seen in the sector during recent years including global market conditions, supplier availability and technological developments requires consideration and review of innovative aspects to support prospective lenders’ understanding and risk evaluation of new challenges. With ever more sizeable projects in more extreme environments, both long-standing and emergent offshore wind developers and investors need – more than ever before – total clarity on the financial and development challenges that projects of this scale entail.

Inch Cape facilitated the due diligence process to date by providing clear documentation on strategy and business model decisions, and frequent, open communication between K2M and the relevant package managers to respond to technical queries and concerns. This enabled K2M to access the required detail and documentation on the project design to review all technical aspects of the wind farm. As an ongoing process, K2M looks forward to reviewing additional detail on the project as development continues, and add to its knowledge of global supply chain, project design and project execution.

Will Sheard, Director, Due Diligence & Analysis Services said:

 “Financing of offshore wind farms is a complex process which requires the cooperation and aligned objectives of many stakeholders, not least, the project team. K2 Management brings many years of experience as a lender’s technical adviser having secured financial close on many large and complex offshore wind projects around the world. But we can’t do it alone.

The positive interaction we have had with the Inch Cape team has allowed us to continue to progress the financing process while the project has had to adapt to the changing market and technical requirements of recent years. We are very pleased to be involved in this innovative project and look forward to continued cooperation and success. ”

February 2024

Barrington Energy

Decommissioning work leads to framework

UK-based renewable energy consultancy Barrington Energy offers comprehensive technical, commercial, safety, and scheduling support across each facet of an offshore wind project including foundations, cables, turbines substations, construction, and operations. For Inch Cape, the team secured a decommissioning scope and a marine study for crew transfer vessels (CTVs). For each scope Barrington Energy was able to draw from its experienced team and provide specialist resources on an ad-hoc yet tailored basis. Barrington Energy has since been awarded a three-year Owners Engineer Services framework agreement.


Leveraging the team’s specialist knowledge, Barrington Energy carried out a strategic decommissioning scope for Inch Cape, incorporating key stakeholder meetings, cost alignment and financial security planning, to meet a crucial project milestone. The consultancy also conducted a marine study for CTVs, which covered a diverse set of requirements. Building on the success of these early works Barrington Energy was awarded a three-year Owners Engineer framework agreement. This appointment solidified a long-term partnership and demonstrated how, through provision of expert services and quality results, further opportunities arise, relationships develop and businesses within the sector evolve. Through its series of specialised work scopes, project management skills and ability to tailor deliverables to the client’s needs. Barrington Energy has contributed to Inch Cape’s continued progress and expanded its own offering.

Stuart Brand, Director of Barrington Energy said:

 “The award of a three-year contract by Inch Cape through a competitive tender process was validation of our previous work on the project and confirmation of the value placed on long-term partnerships. Our team is passionate about contributing positively to the renewables sector and its clear those at Inch Cape share the same values.”

February 2024

Inch Cape Construction Fund launched with Foundation Scotland

Grants of up to £2,000 are now available to community groups and charities tackling the effects of poverty and inequality or working to improve the local environment in Prestonpans, Cockenzie and Port Seton, through the newly launched Inch Cape Construction Fund. 

Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm will be located off the Angus coast while its onshore substation is under construction at the site of Cockenzie’s old power station, where electricity generated by the offshore turbines will be brought ashore. Inch Cape has worked with Foundation Scotland to launch a new Fund to provide grants to communities in the surrounding areas during the project’s construction phase.

The Fund aims to tackle the effects of poverty and inequality, such as isolation, ill health and access to services, and to support initiatives to improve the local environment.  This may be local groups taking action to reduce loneliness, or those supporting projects to improve mental or physical health and well-being or increase access to learning.  It could also include organisations with projects designed to improve the local environment and contribute to a sustainable future.  The Fund will be for the benefit of people of all ages, ranging across children, families, adults or older people.

Groups can apply for funding at any time during the coming 12 months.  A total of £45,000 will be released across the year to give groups time to develop plans and ideas before applying.

Sue Vincent, Stakeholder and Communications Manager with Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm said:

“We anticipate that the Inch Cape Construction Fund will be able to support a wide range of worthy initiatives and help make a difference to the community local to where we are carrying out our onshore construction work. We are grateful to the team at Foundation Scotland for their expertise and look forward to our ongoing partnership.”

Malcolm Jack, Community Funds Manager at Foundation Scotland, knows the importance of locally available funding:

“Foundation Scotland makes sure that community benefit funding reaches as deep into communities as possible.  We’re delighted that Inch Cape has chosen us to support and run this Fund.  Our extensive experience working with communities and the renewables sector will help make sure the Fund has maximum impact in Prestonpans, Cockenzie and Port Seton.” 

Information and the online application forms are available on Inch Cape Construction Fund page of Foundation Scotland’s website.