Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm

At almost 1.1 gigawatts, the project will be one of Scotland’s largest single sources of renewable power once built, playing a significant role in support of the UK’s offshore wind targets.

Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm, currently progressing towards full construction, will feature up to 72 turbines sited 15 kilometres off the Angus Coast in the North Sea. The power it generates will be transported 85 kilometres to a new substation at Cockenzie, in East Lothian from where it will enter the national transmission system.

The project will make a significant contribution towards the UK’s offshore wind ambitions and will generate enough energy to power the equivalent of more than 1.6 million UK homes.*

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*Based on the project’s projected average net energy yield and a typical UK annual household consumption of 3509 kilowatt hours (KWh) per annum based on the most recent figures published by the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero.