The scoping report is intended to solicit the opinion of statutory and non-statutory consultees on the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment which will be submitted to support the application for the consents required for the development of the wind farm, inter-array cabling and associated offshore infrastructure.

The Inch Cape Scoping Report Non-Technical Summary provides an overview of the contents of the Scoping Report, which presents details of the proposed project (wind turbines, inter-array cabling and associated offshore infrastructure) together with the environmental information associated with the development area.  The Scoping Report provides detailed information to allow statutory and non-statutory consultees to give their opinion on the proposed scope of the EIA and to gather further information about siting offshore turbines in the marine environment.

Within the full Scoping Report, the potential impacts of the project have been identified, along with the cumulative and in-combination impacts, following which the further assessments required for the EIA have been presented together with a proposed scope of works.

Document Description Published Link
Inch Cape Scoping Report Proposal for the development of the Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm 12-08-2010 Download file
Inch Cape Scoping Report Non-technical Summary A non-technical summary of the Inch Cape scoping report. 12-08-2010 Download file

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